Youha is a brand name in specialized manufacturer and distributor of different breast pumps for more than 10 years. From a traditional breastfeeding products manufacturer, Youha has successfully transformed into a new-generation technology-driven electronic breast pumps with technology from Switzerland and follow 100% Europe standard. Youha Malaysia Sdn. Bhd was incorporated in 2015 under the leadership of our Managing Director, Gine Wong, who spearheaded the transformation.


Breast pumps are devices that ensure perfect supply of mother’s milk to the infants without containing germs and other toxic chemicals. These are quite useful for women having breast cancer and other disorder to feed their babies with pure natural milk without any fear of infection. These pumps also ensure instant ejection of natural milk from the breast and are quite popular among career women who want maintain perfect balance between professional life and maternal care. With the entry of various e-commerce site, these products are now easily accessible to the customers with lowest possible prices. Youha is one such commercial platform that sales varieties of breast pumps and other infant and maternal products.

Every Youha breast pump comes with unique design for facilitating easy flow of milk from mother’s breast into the bottle even when they are sitting in a relaxed position. For instance, its intelligent core frequency conversion double electric breast pump comes with a multi frequency suction mode with LCD screens.The soft and warm stimulating massage cushion of the product is designed for stimulating the flow of natural milk. The natural shaped teat is meant for easy feeding. For ensuring sound health of the baby, the silicon diaphragm of this product prevents air tubes from being contaminated with natural milk. Other than that Youha provides breastfeeding accessories and other mainly range from milk heater, bottle sterilizer and many more. As per our moto “Relaxed Life Begins with Youha” we will ensure that we help to develop something truly helpful for mother and baby lasts more than a lifetime.

With an experienced management team with over 15 years of combined experience in the medical device industry, we are able to identify and establish strong relationship with our vendors who have a track record of developing innovative products. 

Through the use of leading edge manufacturing methods, we aim to achieve excellence in product value perception and brand recognition. 


Till date, we have more than 90 authorized distributorships for over 20 types of products under 5 brand names. This allows endless possibilities of different products to cater to our customers' varied needs.

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