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Spectra UV Sterilizer - Classy White
Price RM999.00 RM1,799.00
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  • Artistic design
  • Triple fan system for reduced drying time
  • Microfiber prefilter for clean air circulation. In addition to 99.9% disinfection, the microfiber pre-filter allows management for even the air inside the UV sterilizer
  • Dual UV Lamp
  • Temperature sensor
  • Storage system to remain sterile
  • One-touch control for easy operation
  • Spacious inside. The upper layer can fit up 16 Spectra wideneck breastmilk bottles.


Spectra UV sterilizer NEW Spectra 2020 Touch Panel Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer

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Spectra UV Sterilizer is a sterilizer for all baby’s equipment, milk bottles, accessories, and baby’s toys. You can also store your baby’s accessories even though they have been sterilized so that they stay awake for 10 hours In the AUTO system, Spectra UV runs the Fan Feature (drying) before the irradiation process, this aims to reduce bacterial recontamination during the drying process. There is an Auto-Off safety feature on UV lights when the Spectra UV is opened. Using 2 Osram UV lamps made in Italy that can kill germs up to 99.9%


Product Specifications:

  • Product Size : 290mm(W) X 395mm(D) X 379(H) mm
  • Product Material : Interior - Stainless / exterior - ABS
  • Product Color Option - Classy White, Charming Dark Grey
  • Rated Voltage : AC220V / 60HZ/ Power Consumption : 180W
  • Drying system / Sterlization Systme : Built-in PTC/ Heater / UV Lamp
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Spectra UV Sterilizer - Classy White

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