Rental Service FAQ

(Q) How long does it take to get my breast pump or UV steriliser?

(A) Standard orders are processed within 1-2 business days and arrive 3-5 business days thereafter. Expedited orders placed Monday-Friday before 1pm Mountain Standard Time will ship same day and arrive within 2-3 business days. Expedited orders placed Monday-Friday after 1pm Mountain Standard Time and weekend and holiday orders will ship next business day and arrive within 2-3 business days. Orders are not processed or shipped on weekends or holidays.


(Q) What do I do if my pump or UV steriliser was never delivered?

(A) We know timing is critical when talking about your baby. A tracking number will be delivered to the email address or WhatsApp you listed during checkout, use this to find out the details of your shipment. If, for any reason, there seems to be an issue with the shipment please contact us directly at +6012 229 0019. We will assist you in either tracking your current shipment or expediting another breast pump or UV steriliser to you.


(Q) How do I use my breast pump or UV steriliser?

(A) The service team is here to help whether you’re a mom, dad, family member or friend. You can find assistance via WhatsApp +6012 229 0019 in our operation hours 10am to 7pm, not available on national holidays.


(Q) What do I do if my breast pump or UV sterliser doesn’t work?

(A) We are here to help. Find our service team by phone or WhatsApp +6012 229 0019. There is knowledgeable staff standing by to assist you through everything from breast pump or UV steriliser setup, to troubleshooting additional problems. If, for any reason, we can’t resolve the issue we will expedite another breast pump or UV steriliser to you.


(Q) How do I keep my pump if I need it longer?

(A) You can decide at any time to keep your pump for additional days. Simply login to your account at: . Click on the Purchase History button where you will find the option and reorder to Extend Rental. Complete the checkout and our service team will contact you to comfirm the extension period.


(Q) How do I know when to ship my breast or UV sterilisers pump back?

(A) As your breast pump return date nears, you will receive email notifications at the email address and contact number you provided during checkout. You can also login anytime to your account and access your Purchase History to get the information for your rental period.


(Q) How do I ship my breast pump or UV steriliser back?

(A) You may self arrange for your own fleet or if you need our help to arrange for reverse pick up options and the service charges as below:

  • Breast Pump RM20 Peninsular Malaysia only.
  • UV Steriliser RM60 Peninsular Malaysia only.

During the transit period, if the package is lost or damaged, the lessee must pay the cost of the loss of the rent unit.


(Q) Can I buy my rent unit breast pump or UV steriliser?

(A) The pump you have is part of our rental fleet and is not for sale. Though check out: Where you can purchase and find additional models as you and your baby’s needs transition.


(Q) Can i choose the Rental Start Date and How Does it Work"?

(A) Choosing your rental start date allows you to reserve a rental pump today, but select days within the next 6 months for the pump to be shipped directly to you. Your selected rental period of either 7, 14, 21, 31days does not start until you receive your Breast Pump or UV Steriliser.


(Q) After choosing my start date, when can I expect to pay for my rental pump?

(A) You will be charged the full rental payment, including shipping, for your pump on the day that it is reserved.


(Q) Can I get a refund on my pump if I chose my own start date and then change my mind?

(A) Yes. Call Customer Service and simply request a refund. If your rental pump has not yet shipped, then you will receive a full 100% refund. If your rental pump has already shipped to you, it will follow our refund policy as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.


(Q) What if my baby arrives earlier than expected and I need my pump sooner than my scheduled ship date?

(A) Not a problem! Contact our service team via WhatsApp +6012 229 0019 or email to change your shipment date. You may change it as many times as needed, at no additional cost.