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  • Made of 100% Food Grade Polypropylene (PP) & Silicone 
  • Safe & non toxic (BPA Free and Phthalates Free) 
  • Collect and save more breastmilk throughout the day - Spout that eases transfer of breastmilk to a sterilised storage bottle/bag and promotes airflow 
  • Fit comfortably to the breast - Help to protect sore nipples from friction 
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • The ultra-thin individually packed pad is ultra-thin & light to fit discreetly under clothing 
  • Multilayer fabrics ensure super fast liquid penetration and maximum absorption
  • Double Lock Protection Double embossed linings trap excess fluid to provide additional leakage protection
  • Ultra-soft, breathable material and comfortable all day, will protect the sensitive nipples and breast 
  • Our disposable nursing pads are highly absorbent and breathable to ensure nipple are free from ant irritation
  • This also prevents yeast infection and bacterial growth from trapped moisture.
  • Disposable spill-proof breast pads for lactation period use
  • Comfort to the shape of breasts
  • Use with comfort and reassurance
  • High liquid absorption capability: prevent the overflow of milk, keeping clothes clean all the time
  • Anti-slip glue design: stick to the bra steadily and does not shift easily
  • Uses antibacterial material.
  • A specially processed cover prevents milk from leaking and keeps your clothes clean.
  • The hydrophilic urethane foam pad absorbs plenty of milk quickly.
  • The pad and cover are separate and easy to wash, and can be used many times, making it economical.
  • Those who tend to have nipples can use it before giving birth.
  • Innovative oval shape optimised to fit your breast discreetly
  • Absorbent polymer core locks moisture in
  • Five layers of absorbency in less than 2 mm of thickness
  • Soft, hypoallergenic lining keeps you comfortable and dry
  • Flexible leak-guard prevents milk from escaping at sides
  • Medela Authorised Premium Retailer
  • 100% Original Premium Quality
  • Made In Switzerland
  • channeled this extensive experience to develop a product that helps heal sore
  • inflamed breasts so that mothers can breastfeed their babies without pain.