Bongmi Baby Bon Gro
Bongmi Baby Bon Gro
Bongmi Baby Bon Gro

Bongmi Baby Bon Gro visible height and weight data, be there throughout baby's growth journey. Buy Now. BonBaby Earmo. Bongmi has launched its first ever Smart Ovulation Tracker for women, and showcases the latest version of its Smart Growth Tracker.

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  • Baby's Intelligent Health Manager
  • Multi-dimensional Growth Index Monitor
  • Every Millimeter Counts
  • Built for Precision, Perceives Extremely Subtle Change
  • Smart App, Baby's Intelligent Health Manager
  • Enjoyable Interaction Attracts Attention of Kids
  • Elaborate Meterial Selection, Ultimate Craftsmanship
  • No Button Design. Auto on and off by stepping on and down. Intelligent reaction, data rapidly appear on screen
  • 1 Year Warranty by Bongmi Malaysia