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Baby Oral Care
Baby Oral Care
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  • Suitable for use from birth 0 +
  • Sterilized. Above the temperature of 100 degrees steam.
  • Contains purified water. No artificial additives only 100% purified water.
  • Bemlise Mesh material. A networked, patented material that cleans up plaque and massages and soates the gums. Cotton fibre.
  • Packed in 1 piece. Single, convenient and highly hygienic packaging.
  • Two types of toothbrush that are both possible to massage and brush.
  • It's made up of two types of elastic, soft 100% silicon, which allows you to massage and brush your teeth without irritation. 
  • Only 100% Purified Water Used
  • 100% Clean Cotton with Acquired International Textile Certification
  • Hygienic use with sterile aluminium packaging
  • 2 Pieces Individual packing
  • Sawtooth V-Cut

• Promote baby's oral health
• Sterilized under high pressure
• Non-allergenic
• Antibacterial
• No additives or chemicals added
• Individually packaged in alumina packs for hygiene purpose
• Gentle on baby's skin

First UVC-LED in Korea
The only sterilizer in the world that lab tested and proven to be effective in killing 99.9% of Human Corona-virus. Plus, it is effective to eliminate Influenza Virus, Norovirus, and broad spectrum of bacterias.